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Sharon Stone Loses Her Maternal Instinct

Posted by mattymoe on September 23, 2008

A judge has awarded sole physical custody of Sharon Stone’s adopted son to ex hubby Phil Bronstein. Don’t worry though — she still has two other adopted children to fall back on.

Stone had joint custody of 8-year-old Roan. According to an order issued September 12, Stone’s request to have the custody agreement changed was denied. Instead the judge awarded “permanent sole physical custody of the child” to Bronstein.

The judge said this new custody agreement was permanent unless Sharon moves closer to Bronstein in San Francisco, or vice versa.

Sharon adopted Roan with Phil Bronstein when they were still together. Stone has two other adopted boys, Laird and Quinn.

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Ever Seen a Real Million Dollar Check?

Posted by mattymoe on September 23, 2008

Must be nice …

This is the check “Girls Gone Wild” porntrepreneur Joe Francis gave to the Wynn Hotel to cover a marker he got back in Feb. of 2007. The Wynn claims he still hasn’t paid the marker back. The other side of the check indicates that the check was cashed by the Wynn the next day. Who cares — how many times have you ever seen a real million dollar check?

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Former Super Bowl Star Busted for DUI

Posted by mattymoe on September 15, 2008

It’s just that hard to play for the Atlanta Falcons these days…

NFL superstar and former Super Bowl champion Lawyer Milloy was popped early this morning in Georgia for DUI and speeding, according to the Gwinnett County Sheriff. The 34-year-old was booked in the county jail at 4:30 AM and his bond was set at $1,601.

BTW — the Atlanta Falcons lost yesterday, 24-9.

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DMX Released from Jail, Sent Straight to Jail

Posted by mattymoe on September 11, 2008

If you’re wondering why DMX has that smartass smirk on his face in his newest mugshot, it’s because he knows we’re over here trying to figure out which one of the bajillion charges he’s facing this time. It took a while … but we think we figured it out.

X was extradited from Florida yesterday — where he finally pleaded guilty to drug charges — so he could go fight some more drug charges over in Arizona. It’s been a rrrrrrrruff year…

Arizona cops beware — DMX’s $25,000 cash bond is being paid right now.

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Kim K Hauls Ass in 90210

Posted by mattymoe on September 11, 2008

It’s not exactly OJ, but guess what we found out? Kim Kardashian has the long arm of the law around her waist — she was popped yesterday for speeding in a school zone.

It happened in Bev Hills, when Kim was going from “Dancing With the Stars” rehearsal to her home to shoot the even lamer “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” She took it like a man, not even arguing with the officer who cited her for speeding as well as driving with tinted windows.

Who says Khloe’s not an influence on KK?

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Coleman Strikes Man at Bowling Alley with Car

Posted by mattymoe on September 7, 2008

Gary Coleman blasted a man with his car yesterday after he and the victim allegedly argued inside a bowling alley — and both sides are telling completely different stories as to what really went down.

Coleman’s bodyguard told KABC that 24-year-old Colt Rushton approached Gary and his wife late Friday night at a Payson, Utah 10-pin and asked to snap a cell phone photo of the “Diff’rent Strokes” star. After Gary said no, Rushton continued to harass Gary — and was eventually hit by Gary’s truck after darting behind it while Coleman was leaving at around midnight.

Rushton’s more violent side of the story goes like this: He says Gary’s wife snatched his cell phone from him, and Coleman threw several punches at him before getting behind the wheel. Colt said he was trying to get his cell phone back when Gary threw his truck into gear and backed into him, knocking him to the ground.

Colt was treated and released from a local hospital. Coleman also hit another car.

No arrests or citations were given but police say alcohol may be a factor. It’s still under investigation.

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Miley Cyrus HALF NAKED!

Posted by mattymoe on September 3, 2008

Credit crunch victim or is someone living beyond their means?

Famed photographer Annie Liebovitz is $715,000 in debt, according to recently filed court documents.

It’s crazy that Annie’s in debt. She reportedly gets about $2 million from Vanity Fair magazine every year.

The photog allegedly owes money for unpaid taxes, an aborted book project, and outstanding equipment rental fees.

AND, she’s supposedly at least a year overdue in paying for renovations to her Greenwich Village townhouse.

Wonder if she’s asked Vanity Fair to give her a bonus for the much-buzzed about pic she snapped of Miley Cyrus?

Looks like she needs it!

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Ne-Yo Paid Not to Pee on R. Kelly’s Parade

Posted by mattymoe on September 3, 2008

Ne-Yo says he got the heave-ho from an R. Kelly tour because he was too big for R.’s liking — and now a judge is giving him a nice green shower because of it.

An L.A. Superior Court judge ordered Rowe Entertainment to shell out $700K yesterday after Rowe never responded to a lawsuit Ne-Yo filed earlier this year. Ne (real name Shaffer Smith) wanted payback after he got dropped from the pisstastic one’s tour — because, he alleged, he upstaged Kelly.

Rowe had responded back when the lawsuit was filed it never got a “finalized” contract from Ne-Yo’s agent, hence he got booted.

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O’s Mom: Paying Bills Not One of Her Fav Things

Posted by mattymoe on September 3, 2008

Oprah’s mom might have a lil’ habit her daughter needs to know about.

Vernita Lee has allegedly rolled up a $150K bill since 2004 at a Brookfield, Wi. clothing boutique — and hasn’t paid it back. So now the store, Valentina, is trying to get its money the hard way — in court.

The store’s attorney tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel the Oprah-ma hasn’t been making minimum monthly payments of $2,000 for some time.

Our question: Your daughter is the most powerful woman in showbiz, not to mention a billionaire. What gives? We called Mrs. Lee’s lawyer, but haven’t heard back yet.

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Marc Anthony Gets It Doggy-Style

Posted by mattymoe on September 2, 2008

The flight attendant who wants to take a $5 mil bite out of Jennifer Lopez for her overzealous guard dog is siccing her lawyers on J. Lo’s man Marc Anthony as well.

Lisa Wilson is going after Anthony now as well because it turns out he’s the actual registered owner of Floyd the protector pooch. “I was told by her counsel that Marc Anthony was the registered owner of the dog,” says Wilson’s lawyer William Cafaro, to the New York Daily News.

Anthony and Lopez were on a private jet served by Wilson, who claims in the original lawsuit Floyd lunged at her and bit her, causing her debilitating injury.

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Ed McMahon — S.O.L. Again

Posted by mattymoe on August 31, 2008

We’ve confirmed the guy who went into escrow to buy Ed McMahon’s house has pulled out of the deal.

We’re told the buyer never came up with any cash … which means the whole thing sounds phony. The escrow was opened without a deposit, but the buyer never put his money where his mouth was.

So that leaves Ed with no place to live if the house does go into foreclosure … which again leads to the doorstep of Donald Trump. Trump has said he’d step in again and buy the house and lease it back to Ed for life. Our sources say Donald has offered a low ball offer already, but that’s it.

We’re told Trump has had discussions with Ed’s realtor, Alex Davis, since the deal fell apart last Thursday. Will Donald save the day or is this a publicity stunt? We know the stumbling block with Trump is price — he hasn’t offered what Ed wants/needs to get the monkeys off his back.

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