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Ever Seen a Real Million Dollar Check?

Posted by mattymoe on September 23, 2008

Must be nice …

This is the check “Girls Gone Wild” porntrepreneur Joe Francis gave to the Wynn Hotel to cover a marker he got back in Feb. of 2007. The Wynn claims he still hasn’t paid the marker back. The other side of the check indicates that the check was cashed by the Wynn the next day. Who cares — how many times have you ever seen a real million dollar check?

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Joe Francis Involved In Another Scandal

Posted by mattymoe on August 6, 2008

Trouble always seems to follow Girls Gone Wild!

A woman is claiming she was sexually assaulted during the taping of a video on the Girls Gone Wild tour bus.

Police have confirmed that they have arrested a man in connection with a possible sexual assault that allegedly took place early Wednesday morning, on the tour bus, across the street from a Smithtown nightclub in Suffolk County, New York.

A police spokesman declined to confirm the identity of the man or reveal the charges against him.

Sexual assault is not cool.

Girls are still flashing their boobies for GGW? Why????

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