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Channing Tatum To Jump Off A Building

Posted by mattymoe on August 13, 2008

Here’s the thing. “Channing Tatum” is the douchiest name of all douches. It’s worse than “Chace Crawford.” But – this dude had a kickin’ body. And he can dance. And he looks like every college football player that I wanted to beat the shit out of me and lick my wounds afterward. The face is comme ci comme ca but we can work with it.

Here’s Channing with his longtime girlfriend Jenna Dewan leaving Madeo. They’ve been a thing since they did Step Up in 2005. One of my guilty pleasures is all of those ridiculous dance movies in which someone from the ghetto has to join some snooty academy’s performing arts group to raise money to get his Moms off the ventilator or something. And then he introduces hip-hop dancing to the mix and all the cultures come together and I cry. Ok, I don’t cry, I laugh and try to do the dances myself and fall onto the coffee table. I really shouldn’t drink when I watch these.

Oh, and he’s in tights in one part. Highly recommended.

Oh yeah, and I’m supposed to mention he’s signed to do this movie about Parkour which is that cool jumping off roofs thing that was in the beginning of Casino Royale. As long as he’s in booty shorts and a tank…

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Cassie Ashamed of Messy Film Debut

Posted by mattymoe on August 12, 2008

R+B stunner Cassie Ventura regrets not taking more acting classes before starring in Step Up 2: The Streets – because her performance was “a mess”.

The singer jumped at the chance to score her first major movie role in the film, but now wishes she had waited for a part she could have been better prepared for.

She says, “I don’t think I took enough classes. Reacting to five other people is completely different than being with an acting coach.”

And she recalls the embarrassment of almost maiming a co-star when the task of driving and remembering her lines left her more than a little confused.

She tells Complex magazine, “I’m a horrible driver and my first day on set I had to drive a car and act at the same time. I was thinking about too many things at once… I almost ran over the girl that I was talking to. It was just a mess.”

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This Summers MUST SEE Movie!

Posted by mattymoe on August 7, 2008

…Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, and now, Disaster Movie. Calling these movies comedies is like calling them good movies (which they are by far not.) Meet the Spartans was by far the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Anyone who laughed once may have had a botched neurosurgery recently, so contact your lawyer.

The Scary Movies were good (up until 3), but because they didn’t just paste a reference to The Poltergeist in the middle of a completely irrelevant scene. They actually made jokes about it, too.

Poor Hannah Montana! This is the summers must see movie in theatres on August 29th, 2008.  Thanks for tellin’ about this one Nicole!

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