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Nobody Wants Tara Reid

Posted by mattymoe on August 8, 2008

And the rumors keep swirling as to who will be the next contestants on Dancing With The Stars.

One person, though, that we hear will NOT be on the show is trainwreck Tara Reid.

According to reports, Reid has applied for the show on multiple occasions, yet has been rejected every time.

The reason? Apparently the former actress is not “family friendly.”

That’s an understatement!

Oh and Kim Kardashian who became famous after her sex-tape was released is family friendly enough to have her own reality show, and possibly be on DWTS right?

Poor Reid. There’s just no love for the girl.

We think it’s time she leaks her own sex tape! Then, maybe she’ll she move up from Z-lister.

Reid’s rep did confirm that she will not be appearing on the show but denied she ever applied.

As for other possible contestants, Dan Quayle is said to be in negotiations about competing next season.

Again, we thought this was Dancing with the Stars.

And, there’s also reports that Kim Kardashian will be battling against her mom and partnered with father and son pro dancers, Mark and Corky Ballas.

That would explain why Kim’s been hitting the gym so much lately.

Will U even be watching this next season of DWTS?

The show seems to be getting a bit old. Just like American Idol!

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“Dancing” Dumps Old Cloris for Heartache Toni

Posted by mattymoe on August 8, 2008

Photo Courtesy of TMZ.com

For “Dancing with the Stars,” heart trouble makes for a better handicap than old age.

82-year-old Oscar-winner Cloris Leachman was originally courted by “DWTS” honchos, we’ve learned, because they needed someone for the “disability” slot — think Heather Mills (one leg) or Marlee Maltin (deaf). They figured her age would fit the bill — until they got Toni Braxton, who has a heart condition, to sign on, as TMZ first told you. That’s when they put Cloris’ dancing shoes … six feet under.

BTW: We also hear “DWTS” peeps are over the moon that Jewel and rodeo dude Ty Murray — who are both in the mix for next season — just eloped in the Bahamas, because the whole boyfriend versus girlfriend storyline they wanted to exploit just got amped up to husband-wife. And we know how married couples can get.

And get this: The Lance Bass rumors? Half true. Yes, he”s definitely on, but no, he won’t mambo with a man.

An ABC rep tells TMZ, “We don’t comment on casting rumors, but the official cast will be announced on August 25th on ”Good Morning America.'”

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