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Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Katie Holmes

Posted by mattymoe on August 29, 2008

Katie Holmes looks like she took a cue from The Sound of Music or Gone With the Wind and used some upholstery fabric to fashion a shirt.  I think Tom Cruise might have taken it off my grandma’s old couch, if I’m not mistaken, and forced her to do it.  If the material has gotten to be too much for Grams, chances are it’s just not a good choice for apparel either.

That sweater doesn’t help the outfit.  Tan and yellow do not go together in my book.  But, at least she is wearing skinny jeans today instead of tight-rolling Tom’s.  It could always be worse, my friends.

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Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Solange Knowles

Posted by mattymoe on August 27, 2008

Poor baby Solange Knowles. You know Momma Tina Knowles only designs the good stuff for her baby Beyonce. Okay, so Tina doesn’t really do shoes but I still like to assume any fashion faux pas by one her daughters is her fault since she is their stylist or whatever.

Solange actually looks cute for MTV’s TRL until you hit her ankles, and then all hairy hell breaks loose. I’m not exactly sure what she was going for with those shoes/slippers/sasquatch feet, and I’m pretty sure we will never know.

Screw momma Tina. I bet Beyonce told her to wear them. Bitch will not be selling more albums than her and she is going to make sure of it!

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Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Aubrey O’Day And Ginger

Posted by mattymoe on August 13, 2008

OK, so I know that I’m actually about to make fun of Aubrey O’Day‘s outfit because it looks ridiculous on a normal person. But honestly, for Aubrey, this is pretty goddamn put together. Granted, she looks like a trashy Bizarro World version of some Hitchcock diva.

Look at her nipple. Even covered up under fabric, the damn thing is screaming to get out. It wants to roam free like the buffalo!

Meanwhile, can we just discuss for a moment that this woman dyed her puppy’s head pink? Or actually, let’s be honest, someone probably sold her the dog with the hair already dyed and convinced her that this breed actually has pink fur.

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Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Demi Lovato

Posted by mattymoe on August 12, 2008

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m so not a fan of this whole ugly black hat thing that the celebrity girls are trying to make happen. I’m wishing it would go the way of “fetch.” Here’s the latest victim, someone I like referring to as Domo Arigato Demi Lovato for no reason in particular except that it rhymes.

I feel like I’m looking Ashlee Simpson from about three years ago. I can’t figure out exactly who I want to blame for this look. I think I’m going to point my fingers at both Pete Wentz and Samantha Ronson.

Meanwhile, if you take a look at the pictures where Demi has ditched the obnoxious accessories, she looks pretty great.

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