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Adrian Grenier: I Gave My Love a Cherry

Posted by mattymoe on August 17, 2008

Just like 10 million broken-hearted frat boys before him, Adrian Grenier — who just split with Isabel Lucas — took his six-string beachside to woo some girls with songs about his vulnerable heart.

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Isabel Wants No Part of Adrian’s Entourage

Posted by mattymoe on August 13, 2008

Isabel Lucas broke up with Adrian Grenier, NOT the other way around.

Despite reports to the contrary, Isabel walked out before Shia LaBeouf’s car crash. Our spies say right around Adrian’s birthday (July 10), Isabel heard a female friend from out of town was coming to visit him. After this, Lucas was blunt … him having “girl” friends was a deal breaker.

So she ditched him and he’s been begging her to come back ever since! We’re told Adrian made a play for Isabel after the accident, but she had nada interest in working things out.

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We Saw This One Coming

Posted by mattymoe on August 12, 2008

No surprise here!

Adrian Grenier and his girlfriend Isabel Lucas are done, it was announced Tuesday.

They pair split up right after the accident Lucas was in with her Transformers 2 co-star Shia LaBeouf.

A source said: “It wasn’t working out. Adrian saw her with Shia and that was kind of it – the crash, their hanging out. He obviously didn’t appreciate it.”

What an understatement. Adrian must have been pissed!

The accident happened at about 3 am in the morning. We’re guessing they were headed to someone’s pad to do some sexy time!

Isabel’s wasted no time moping over Adrian, though. She and Shia have been “hanging out” again!

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