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Lauren Conrad To Appear On ABC Family’s “Greek”

Posted by mattymoe on August 6, 2008

Reality acting on The Hills isn’t enough for Lauren Conrad!

She’s now set to show off her ‘thespian’ abilities on ABC Family’s Greek.

L.C. will be playing herself in the show’s second season finale on October 28th.

The show’s creator explains the scene that will feature LC:

“It’s a dream sequence in which Casey (one of the show characters) and LC are best friends. Casey has a big decision she has to make, and she’s like, ‘LC, what do I do? Advise me!'” he reveals, adding that the girls’ dynamic reminds him of “when Frankie Avalon is telling Frenchie what do to in Grease. Casey holds LC in that high esteem.”

The folks at Greek probably knew it was too risky to have L.C. try some real acting and play a different character.

The report also goes on to say that MTV had to sign off on the script.

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