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Princess Diana’s Letters Up For Auction! They Reveal…

Posted by mattymoe on September 23, 2008

Despite the royal reverence that Princess Diana has been elevated to in the years following her tragic death, private letters to her nanny reveal a woman still plagued with common problems.

The letters, which are set to hit the auction block at the end of the month, convey family concern, insecurity and even pregnancy discomfort, further proving Diana to truly be the People’s Princess.

She was born into an aristocratic family and engaged to Prince Charles when she was 19 in 1981. They married that summer and had two sons together – Princes William and Harry.

The couple divorced in 1996 and in 1997 Diana died tragically alongside then boyfriend Dodi Fayed when their limousine crashed in a Paris tunnel, hassled by pursuing paparazzi.

She left behind a turbulent legacy and became one of the first women to enter celebrity as we know it now. She conducted a great deal of charity work with poise and elegance.

But the letters give us an insight into the person behind the princess.

In the letters written to her nanny, Mary Clarke, she worries about trying to marry off elder sister Sarah and how even Prince Charles was a candidate who fatefully declined. While pregnant with Prince William she laments being so sick that she longs “for the day when I can eventually sit on the loo as to looking over it!” She also confesses her insecurity, fearing that she looks like an “elephant” when she dances.

The letters are a bittersweet reminder of England’s Rose, but we sort of wish they’d just let her rest in peace!

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Ok, Maybe I’m Just Slow….

Posted by mattymoe on August 28, 2008

Brandy Black you better not be agreeing right now!

But this is a realllllly pretty song that I just heard today. :-) It’s a pretty Fall love/getting over someone song, uggh, speaking of, I am sooooo bummed that Fall is already showing itself, whatever just listen, this is my last post for the day! I’m rambling! Mariah Carey is soooo 1991; Leona Lewis has taken over the title of “Queen of Ballads/Anthems”.

Leona Lewis – Better In Time

[AUDIO http://h1.ripway.com/MatthewHPNC/Leona_Lewis_Better_In_Time.mp3%5D

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