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Daniel Radcliffe Caught A Cougar

Posted by mattymoe on September 3, 2008


Daniel Radcliffe is clearly over this kiddie Barnes & Noble Harry Potter bullshit. He recently told Details that he lost his virginity at 16, and it was with an older woman. Ewww, Harry Potter Mrs. Robinson groupie!

The currently 19-year-old Radcliffe says that the age difference “wasn’t ridiculous” but it might “freak some people out.” Oh god, she was 50 or 60. Wait, was it Emma Thompson? Dame Maggie Smith? Supercougars!

Radcliffe is showing off his hammer on broadway, and has also recently said that he wants to play a drag queen some day. He’s all growed up due to whichever predatory teacher it was at Hogwarts.

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