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China’s Little Ashlee Simpson

Posted by mattymoe on August 13, 2008

This is so messed up. Did you guys watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics in China? Well, the adorable little Chinese girl who sang “Ode to the Motherland” as part of the elaborate performance was actually the more “photogenic” choice of performer.

Basically, a director of the opening ceremony explained to the media that having a prettier girl lip synch to the voice of what was believed to be a less cute girl who could actually sing was “for the national interest.”

Wow. So, nine-year-old Lin Miaoke is getting credit for singing when it was really 7-year-old Yang Peiyi. I can’t understand how she wasn’t cute enough. Does she have horns, or something? Not that I have anything against people with horns, but yeah, that would be distracting. Or guns for hands–that’s both distracting and dangerous.


One Response to “China’s Little Ashlee Simpson”

  1. bluesky83 said

    This situation is like telling me that every magician in this world must perform a true magic and can’t fake it.
    Tell that to David Copperfield.

    Then why don’t start a debate forcing those Magicians to perform a true magic.
    Get real people…

    People who bought the ticket and paid thousand of $ expect to see a flawless and great performance. And China did it! This is A BIG EVENT and there is absolutely zero tolerance for error! They spend $ 40 billion , you better be damn sure to make it work and flawless.

    I give full credit for the Chinese Government for all the effort to produced probable the best ever Olympic ceremony.

    So what is they use both girls? fake fireworks? etc etc… so? The girls don’t have problem with it, they agreed to do their part for the ceremony. The government did not force the girls to do it or to make it happen. So? As long as those girls were willing to do it in the best of the country, I don’t see a problem with that. This would have been a different matter if they were forced to do it.

    Speaking of the girls at GYM… USA lost against China in Gym. And people started to blaming that the chinese team are all underage. LOL… I found this very funny. I don’t even think the USA performed that well during the game.

    They should concentrate on the game and not worrying about how old each of those girl int he Chinese team. if you LOST then accept it.

    This is also like telling me hmm maybe Michael Phelps is using drug, illegal swimsuit, etc etc in order for him to win. Bull shit… I think he is done a very superb performance and no one complained about him. / Questioned his legality.

    I think people are just jealous with the way how China was able to pull off the best opening ceremony for Olympic ever. And started making research on every little tiny mistakes that they can find to make the China bad.

    This opening ceremony is a work of art. A TEAM work from every department and personnel. Therefore, a full 100% credit should be given to all of them, whether, you are singing or not singing, even to cleaning crew and security guard!

    Good job China…. By the way I am not Anti US and I live in US. But I just find these whole faking situation is really funny.

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