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Tori’s Out: Jennie and Shannen React!

Posted by mattymoe on August 12, 2008

With the recent news that Tori Spelling will not be appearing on the CW’s new 90210 because she wasn’t getting paid as much as her former co-stars, Jennie Garth is speaking out.

Jennie is letting everyone know she is disappointed to learn that Tori has dropped out of the series due to money issues.

Seems the execs think Garth and Shannen Doherty are worth more.

Garth says the press thinks “we’re at war over salary with Tori. I didn’t know I was at war with Tori. I’m really bummed because I love Tori and I was psyched Tori was going to be on the show.”

She continues, “I think she should definitely get paid as much as either of us is getting paid. Her father created the show. It just seems wrong if that’s the case. I don’t know what really happened because I haven’t talked to her. I would like to talk to her.”

As for Doherty, she says she’s not quick to believe the numbers being put out there, which claims she and Garth are getting paid $35-$50k as opposed to $10-$20k for Spelling.

Doherty says, “They didn’t even get the numbers right so I don’t know if it’s about the money either.”

Garth claims she’ll try her best to get Tori back in, saying, “I’ll try to butt my head in whenever I can and tell people what I think about it.”

Aws, how sweet.


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