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Rexy’s Not Sexy

Posted by mattymoe on August 10, 2008

Image Courtesy of PerezHilton.com

So that’s the secret to her pre-pubescent boy looks!

Celebrity clothes picker Rachel Zoe has set the record straight in an interview with fashion mag Harper’s Bazaar about how she maintains her slim and deathly ill figure.

She, like, eats y’all!

Raisinface said, “It’s not that I don’t eat. I eat.”

She just doesn’t eat lunch!

When asked what it is exactly she eats, Ana Wintour’s nemesis answers, “Truth? I don’t. I’m not a lady who lunches; it’s a lull in the day. When I’m on downtime like on vacation . . . I take care of myself. But when it’s me working on my own, it’s 7 p.m. and I’ve had coffee and a grapefruit.”

Hope she’s taking vitamin supplements!

There aren’t any nutrients in coffee, right?

If she keeps on like this, she’s going to be a Hunchback Raisinface!

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