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Lesbian Lohan Surprises Child Cancer Sufferer

Posted by mattymoe on August 9, 2008

Lindsay Lohan thrilled one young cancer sufferer when she phoned in to a radio fundraiser to say hello.  Los Angeles presenters Saint John and Keri Steele interrupted their Friday morning 104.3 Myfm radiothon for the city’s Children’s Hospital to take a call from the actress.

Lohan, who is a regular celebrity visitor to the hospital, phoned in when she heard the hosts chatting to a young patient, called Edna, who she recently met.

The thrilled teenager was left speechless when she heard Lohan’s voice.

The actress said, “Are you nervous to be on the radio, because I am.”

Upon hearing that little Edna is slowly getting better, Lohan added, “I’m glad that you’re doing well and everything’s good.”

The Mean Girls star went on to admit that a trip to the Children’s Hospital can be a very daunting experience: “It’s an amazing place, but, for me, it was very overwhelming to see children in so much pain… It was nice to play games with them and make children really happy.”

The surprise caller then insisted she’d spend the day urging all her family and friends to call into the radiothon and donate cash for the hospital.

And Lohan had another surprise in store for her young fan – she offered to take Edna on a shopping spree.


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