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Church Wants Gay Street Name Changed

Posted by mattymoe on August 7, 2008

Church wants “Gay Boulevard” name changed

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – What’s in a name? A lot of your church sits on Gay Boulevard.

That’s the case for Second Baptist Church in San Antonio.

Officials there want the name changed.

In order to do that, the church will pay a $500 application fee to the city to change the name and pay for about $800 worth of new street signs.

“First of all, Gay Street, that’s not a proper name because I’m, anti-gay,” said someone with the church.

“We get opposition, it’s the people that have an address on the street who have to change stationery or information they have. But there are no residents with the address of gay street right now, so that’s not an issue,” said Roderick Sanchez who is the Director of Development Services.

Church officials say this is not all about sexual preference.

They say that their facility has been in the neighborhood for 120 years and plans to open a community center down the road.

A city park nearby already bears the church’s name.

They want the street changed to Second Baptist Way.

The San Antonio City Council will vote on the name change proposal Thursday.


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