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Brangelina Twins

Posted by celebrityblab on August 5, 2008

Ok so Brad and Ange allowed Hello! Magazine to take the first pictures of the twins and also gave them a very candid interview!!!!! Too cute!!!! I wish I was the one calling Papa Pitt “Daddy”.

Brangelina Twins
Brangelina Twins

– On how the family is adjusting to the twins’ arrival:
Shiloh calls them her babies,” says Jolie. “She and Z pick out their clothes and help change and hold them.”

“It’s sweet–they are little mommies,” Pitt adds, “This is Mad‘s fourth/fifth time becoming an older bro. He’s asking us when we can have more.”

– How Brangelina reacted when they found out they were expecting twins:
“We were in shock and could not stop laughing,” says Angie.

– Brangelina on the birth:
When he first saw Knox, and Vivienne a minute later, Pitt felt “An awe words fail to describe.”

“I knew they would be premature, so when I saw they were big and screaming with healthy lungs, I was at peace,” Jolie says.

– On the twins:
“Viv is proving to resemble Ange in spirit, attitude and physicality,” says Pitt. “And Knox, a bit of me.”

– Why they chose Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon:
“The name Vivienne came to us early, as if she named herself — she has always been Viv. And Marcheline is to honor Angie’s mother,” says Brad. “Knox came soon after. It is a family name, my grandfather’s. Léon is a classic French name.”

– On Angie’s late mother, Marcheline:
“My mom loved being a mom and made sure her children knew every day how much joy we brought to her. I hope to give that to my kids.”


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